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Parents finding it difficult to eat? Check their teeth!

Have your parents stopped enjoying sweets and crispy crackers with you?

Do they avoid Sunday brunches and prefer simple, soft food?

Is it that they are upset with you?

Well, chances are that their teeth are!

The wear and tear of our body with age is inevitable. Our teeth grow old too, hence the downturn is expected.

While we try our best to ensure our parents are comfortable as they grow old, however, we must pay attention to small, tiny details that impact their lives substantially.

Here are FOUR pain points you can notice in your parent’s mouth that if treated on time can bring back their smile,

1. Are those gums shrinking?

Ask them to open their mouth wide, notice if their gums are loose and leaving their place. It can be understood as an exposed yellowish area between teeth and gums or a visible gum line. This is a sign of teeth losing their grip in the mouth and also a home to debris, microbes, and dirty plaque.

2. On the verge of falling out?

Ask them to open their mouth and feel if any tooth is moving or loose? Well, that’s your cue. It may or may not be painful but is definitely a problem. A tooth moving is a tooth lost, eventually.

However, make sure you use gloves or thoroughly wash your hands before and after touching their teeth to avoid any cross-contamination.

3. Are their teeth growing smaller?

Ask them to show their teeth end to end. Are their teeth smaller than usual? Due to lifelong eating habits and occasional grinding or clenching, the teeth might lose their height. It can be seen as flat teeth with yellowish patches on top. Largely causing sensitivity, and trouble in chewing and speech.

4) Where are 32 teeth?

Ask them to smile, say cheese maybe. Do you find a few teeth missing? The gaps created due to lost teeth not only affect their chewing but can also trigger falling out of the remaining teeth as the gums lose their grip. Implant is a good option to consider since it can help them eat better and also avoid further damage to the remaining teeth.

What next?

On observing even one of these troubles in your parents’ mouth, your first step is to call your dentist right away to resolve all their problems well in time.

Considering their immunity, physical health, and receptivity to treatment, online video consultation is one of the best ways ahead. Surprisingly, a dentist can feel the nerve of a person’s pain even through a screen and suggest a course of action.

And since dental treatments can be expensive at times depending on the problem and the course of treatment, getting your parents a dental plan is a good solution. Wellness companies like MyDentalPlan offer specialized packages that take care of your parent’s entire oral hygiene during their golden age at affordable prices while maintaining world-class quality. These plans further specifically resolve old age dental health issues, so they SMILE BRIGHT, EAT RIGHT once again!

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